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Regenerative Medicine Research Center (RMRC) is established in 2014 at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran.

The main objective of our team is to discover novel drug targets for complex disorders with a focus on chronic kidney disease. Using different layers of omics data, we plan to reach a holistic view towards the underlying mechanisms of the disease and hence translate big biological data to clinically relevant knowledge. Also, we are interested in the role of polyploid cells as the main drivers of tissue regeneration as well as cancer progression.

Our laboratory has a nourishing environment in which team working, professionalism, creativity, and adherence to ethical issues are considered as the main values.





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Regenerative Medicine Lab, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Hezar Jerib Avenue, Isfahan, Iran

Postal code     81746-73461

Tel:  +98-3137929076      Fax  +98-3136687087

E-mail: rmrc@mui.ac.ir

linkedin: Regenerative Medicine Research Center ( Linkedin)

Researchgate: Regenerative Medicine Research Center (Researchgate)